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2020-2024 Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas, MEXT, Japan
Algorithmic Foundations for Social Advancement (AFSA)
Creation and Organization of Innovative Algorithmic Foundations for Social Advancement
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Project Overview:
Algorithms, the theories, techniques and logical procedures of information processing, perform a key part of the recent sophisticated information society. Our project aims to develop and organize state-of-the-art techniques for algorithms. The results will be provided as open academic resources for many scientists and engineers in various fields, to be utilized for social advancement. Based on the recent drastic progress of computation power, upcoming innovative computation devices, and new concepts from social sense of values, we will reformulate and organize practical computation models to bridge theory and practice. We will also create and organize computational theories and state-of-the-art techniques for algorithms, such as discrete structure manipulation, constraint satisfaction problem solving, enumeration, discrete optimization, quantum computation theory, etc. Our results will be presented as the innovative Algorithmic Foundations for Social Advancement (AFSA).
The AFSA-project consists of six research groups in two categories A and B. The groups in A (A01 and A02) investigate the interface layer to bridge theory and practice, and the groups in B (B01, B02, B03, and B04) investigate specific theories and techniques to support the interface layer. We also have a steering committee group and plan an open call for about 15-17 participants to work on additional related research topics.
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Recent Topics:


Project Leader
Steering Committee
Category A:

A01: New Problem Formulation on Next Generation Informatics and Researches on their Algorithms
A02: Socially-Oriented Algorithm Implementation
Category B:

B01: Algorithmic Foundations Based on Large-Scale Discrete Structures
B02: New Computational Models for Algorithms and Discrete Optimization
B03: Creation of Innovative Foundations to Bridge Theory and Practice of Quantum Algorithms
B04: Exploration and Development of the Basic Theory of Algorithms

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